Our vision: consultative selling

“There is a key difference between selling to a customer in a consultative way, and simply taking their order.”


There are three challenges facing every organisation in the business of selling:

  1. sales conversion
  2. basket size (cross-selling and up-selling); and
  3. maximising the margin of sale (or limiting the discount offered on sales).

In our view the key to all three, is effective consultative selling.  And the key to effective consultative selling is great sales people empowered with great sales technology.


What is consultative selling?

Consultative selling is the opposite of order taking.  It means proactively matching the customer’s needs to the best possible product, by understanding their needs and wants.  This requires a structure to the sales process that involves four basic steps:

Step 1

the opening whereby we quickly understand the underlying motivation of the customer

Step 2

profiling where we understand the customer’s needs and wants in the broadest possible way

Step 3

presentation where we present a number of potential solutions to the customer, based on our understanding of their needs and wants

Step 4

close whereby we sell the right product for the customer and ensure that we have cross-sold and up-sold relevant additions to complete the transaction. 

Turning order taking into consultative selling improves conversion rate by 77%

The case for consultative selling – the evidence

There is a wide body of research echoed by our own empirical data, which shows that consultative selling increases sales conversion and basket size. 

The data we share below relates to our experience in our UK based call centre sales team who use SDWS consultative sales technology to help UK consumers save money on their TV, broadband and home phone bills.

“Agents convert 18% better when they exhibit all components of profiling customers’ needs, compared to when they exhibited only some”



Simplifydigital Web Services can help


The concept and benefit of consultative selling is well understood. The key questions are:

  • Does the software used by your sales agents support a consultative sales approach?
  • Does it enable you to monitor and measure that they are doing it?
  • Does it capture all the insight available from a well profiled customer to help your future marketing effort?

Simpliydigital Web Services has proven experience building consultative selling solutions across all the main sales channels…

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