Registering the app is simple, and there’s no need to hunt around for your old bill. Voltz then shows you EVERY available tariff from all the UK suppliers.  All you need to do is enter your personal details to switch for the first time.  

Voltz continues to monitor the energy market and alerts you when it’s time to switch again (or stay put if you are on the best deal).  And because it remembers your details, repeat switches take just 11 seconds!

It is 100% impartial and, unlike switching sites, takes no commission.  Once the switch has been made using Voltz, it will take 2.5 weeks for the supplier to be changed .    

The tests were unable to achieve a better time on either of the leading comparison desktop websites used to cross-check the performance of the Voltz app .  

Florian Ritzmann, Managing Director of Voltz, said:    

"We started with a blank sheet of paper to create a revolutionary new way to switch energy via your mobile – and we have succeeded.  Busy UK consumers can move between providers in just 11 seconds, so there is now really no excuse not to switch and save £260."  

Voltz was developed by Simplifydigital, one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies.