Data and analytics solutions

Insight and learning is clearly central to every sales and retention challenge.  SDWS SaaS solutions are therefore designed to help management teams learn from every sales and retention transaction.

Our sales and retention SaaS solutions are provided with analytics built-in, and our proprietary product database gives unique insight into the market. Our CCVI and PCI solutions help you to assess your products and services against the competition and gain that vital edge.

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The SDWS executive desktop Competitor Intelligence tool

Designed for senior executives to keep track of price and features movements in the UK market, relative to their own product portfolio.

PCI (Price Competitiveness Index)

Developed in association with Occam (, the PCI model is a mathematical look at pricing in the UK TV, broadband and home phone market. 

The model identifies the relationship between features and price to create a “model price” – how we would expect the market to price a package based on its features.  From this a “Price competitiveness Index” (PCI) is created for each package: the ratio of the actual observed price, to the model (expected) price.  

The PCI is used to audit all packages and to look for pricing anomalies that merit further investigation. It is also used as a key tool in deciding how and where to increase prices and to prototype new packages in product development. Additionally, the PCI can support legal and regulatory arguments around market competitiveness and pricing.

Customer Competitor Vulnerability Index (CCVI)

The CCVI provides a measure of competitive threat based on the competitiveness of a customer’s current package, relative to the competing packages available to them at their postcode.  The CCVI can be appended to client customer and prospect databases to improve:

Predictive churn modelling
Marketing planning and strategy in order to more effectively allocate marketing resource based on the competitor threat facing customers

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